MESSER 1 public relations agency

Messer 1 public relations agency, led by Pini Cabessa, was founded in 1996, has extensive experience in the public relations field in Israel and worldwide: including companies from China, Netherlands, the Nobel Prize winner in Israel, Prof. Dan Shechtman. 

The agency manager, Pini Cabessa, has previously served as a consultant to the chairman of the The Israeli Parliament (Knesset) education committee, and for the Israeli foreign deputy-minister,  as a lecturer in IDF units,  As a consultant by the Economy Ministry for small and medium business operations; A spokesman for the 'Business Entrepreneurship Cultivation Centers'.

Pini Cabessa serves as deputy-chairman of the Media and Public Relations consultants of Israel and served as a consultant for community issues, the new line of the Israeli train of Jerusalem – Tel-Aviv, as well as a Media and Public relations at the Technion -Polytechnic. His education: Political Science M.A., certified by the 'Hebrew University of Jerusalem'.  

 The abilities of Messer1 are known for their creativity and the ability to adjust the operation we execute to the needs of our client in the best way, in order to reach their desired result. Our public relations agency operates from Jerusalem Crowne Plaza hotel. 

Fields of activity of Messer 1 Public relations

ראש העיר משה ליאון בכנס ירושלים לעסקים -ייזום והפקה מסר אחד בהנהלת פיני קבסה

Messer 1 plans and carries out unique Public Relations activities to each of its clients. The firm specializes in fitting and timing services that are necessary to promote the customers’ activities, according to their needs based on their target audiences. Messer1 provides services including public relations research, planning, and executing pr programs.

Some of the many services that the office provides include: continuous contact with various media and news media platforms, conference and event production, newspaper production for customers and employees, as well as employee training programs in the fields of public relations, publicity and communication.

The agency specializes over the years in providing public relations services in the fields of: economics and business, real estate, law, health and medicine and education.

Clients : Israel and abroad

שמעון פרס פסל מדונג ראש השנה מסר אחד פיני קבסה
shimon peres former president of israel
סין מסר אחד ביקור בחברה
שגריר ישראל אביב שיראון מסייר בביתנים ישראלים-מסר אחד פיני קבסה

Among the clients we provided service for: The KnessetThe Israeli Parliament, most of the universities in Israel, including the 'Hebrew University of Jerusalem', 'Tel-Aviv University',  Technion [Polytechnic]', Private Medical Service 'Hadassa' hospital, 'Clalit' and 'Leumit' HMOs, Real-Estate companies: 'Jerusalem Economy company' (today:mivne group), Israel Chamber of Realtors, Africa-Israel, 'Azurim' company, 'Binart House'. 'Migdal' insurance company, 'El-Ad' insurance agency. Jerusalem Economy forum, 'Hagihon' corporation (The Jerusalem Water Company), Dozens of Business Entrepreneurship Cultivation Centers in Israel, Small-Medium Businesses Authority, the Engineering Academic College in Jerusalem, 'Co-Op Israel' Network, 'Employment-Momentum'-'Joint Israel', 'Haavoda' and 'Israel Beytenu'  political Parties, 'Galey Israel' radio, 'Beit Hakerem' – by Rubinstein network. in the field of Law – the Justice Department, Attorneys, the Bar association and Law faculties at several universities. 


The company has also provided its services for the firms – Wulyangye from China, RAI from The Netherlands, 'Scheidt & Bachmann' and 'wohr' from germany, Central Park, 'Unitronix' and many more. The agency assisted organizations and associations managing public struggles all across the state.

Existing for 25 years, we provided media consulting to over 1800 small and medium businesses, during its operation with 25 Business Entrepreneurship Cultivation Centers in Israel  MATI, Ministry of Economy, the Small-Medium Business Authority and the Jerusalem Economic Company.

Israeli representation for international exhibitions: Intertraffic, GreenTech and Aquatech around the world

סוכנים בינלאומיים אמסטרדם
מסר אחד- כנסים בחו"ל- בהנהלת פיני קבסה-משלחת באמסטרדם אינטרטרפיק-עם נסיך הולנד
פיני קבסה באירוע בהילטון אמסטרדם, משרד מסר אחד יחסי ציבור נבחר לשמש כנציג אינטרטרפיק בהולנד -אירוע בהילטון אמסטרדם, משרד מסר אחד יחסי ציבור נבחר לשמש כנציג אינטרטרפיק בהולנד -תחום פעילות : אירועים וכנסים בחו"ל -מסר אחד, משרד יחסי ציבור בירושלים, בהנהלת פיני קבסה
מסר אחד אמסטרדם

our agency serves as the Israeli representative for intertraffic, Aquatech, and Greentech exhibitions (RAI Amsterdam) all around the world. ( the Netherlands, China, Mexico, Turkey and Indonesia).Thousands of companies from all over the world participate in the exhibitions, and thousands of participants are interested in hearing and seeing the innovations and trends in these fields and creating business collaborations.

Our firm has received the appointment in Israel to serve as a representative of the global exhibition brand InterTraffic, Aquatech and Greentech all over the world: we serve as one of 13 exclusive representatives around the world.

Messer1 actually serves as Israel's representative in everything related to the marketing of intertraffic, GreenTech and Aquatech exhibitions around the world. At a recent ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam, Richard Butter, director of the International Intertraphic Exhibition, announced the appointment.

Hosting delegations in Israel

עידן עופר, גד ליאור ופיני קבסה, אירוח משלחת סינית בישראל - . תחום פעילות: אירוח משלחות בינלאומיות בישראל . מסר אחד, משרד יחסי ציבור בירושלים, בהנהלת פיני קבסה
מסר אחד יחסי ציבור אירוח משלחת בכירה מסין- פיני קבסה עידן עופר
משלחת סינית רמת דרג ביחד עם הצמרת העסקית של ישראל
אירוח משלחת סינית - המנחה גד ליאור והמתורגמנית לי צ'ין, תחום פעילות: אירוח משלחות בינלאומיות בישראל . מסר אחד, משרד יחסי ציבור בירושלים, בהנהלת פיני קבסה

We handle hosting delegations from abroad that come to Israel and take care of all their needs, including hospitality, tours, special events and meetings with relevant colleagues from Israel. We can provide any service required for your delegation. From small to large.

Training consultants for Public Relations, Media Speaking and Communication

סיור קורס יחסי ציבור ודוברות באולפני נווה אילן
מסר אחד יחסי ציבור -בהנהלת פיני קבסה-קורסים לתקשורת ויחסי ציבור בשתוף הטכניון
בוגרי קורס של מסר אחד בשתפ מגיד האוניברסיטה העברית

Messer 1 holds trainings for public relations, media speaking and communication. The CEO of the office served as the academic consultant of these programs in the Israeli Technion polytechnic and the 'Azriely college of Engineering'. Amongst the participants of the training courses you may find Knesset members, Parliamentary aids, executives and owners of public relations offices, authorities' speakers, and more establishments.


PR as needed

If you are interested in a primary consultation for either specific or continuous guidance, we adapt our services according to each individual customer’s needs and budget. Our services can be utilized for an initial consultation or can extend to periodic and/or permanent use. Please contact us for more information. We would love to assist you in your endeavors.

Wining the 'Roaring Lion' prestigious Prize at the Public-Relations Competition in Israel 

האריה השואג למסר אחד יחסי ציבור
האריה השואג למסר אחד

our firm has provided public relations services to the Technion polytechnic of Israel for several years.Especially in one of the most exciting and powerful moments – the winning of Prof. Dan Shechtman in the Nobel prize for Chemistry, for discovering the cyclic quasi crystals, through media in Israel and worldwide. The Polytechnic and the 'Messer 1' public relations office won the 'Roaring Lion' Prize in the category of 'Technology'. The Polytechnic spokesmen department along with the CEO of Messer 1 won the testimonial for succeeding together to plan and execute a media strategy intended to leverage the winning and the accomplishment in Israel and worldwide. This operation has straightened the positioning of the Polytechnic as a leading technological-scientific research university in the global scientific community. The 'Roaring Lion' competition was held by the Israeli Media and Public Relations Consultants Union, which conducts a professional competition for excellence promoting in the branch. The competition was participated by public relations firms and offices, strategy and media consultants, spokesmen departments, public relations departments in firms, factories and organizations, local authorities and government offices.

Our Team

The agency employs Account planners to manage client portfolios, reporters, editors, former top national and local press journalists and interns from the Communications Department at the Hebrew University.

The agency hires suitable candidates for positions in the office as needed throughout the year. If interested in applying for a position, please send details and your CV .